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Lightbulb Training facility Idea

THis is an idea me and a friend are tossing around and I would like a little feedback...

Basicly were planing on open a martial arts training facility but it si going to be open for all styles and forms of martial combat. What we would do is ask people are are able to teach (they would need to be certified with the proper credentials to do so by thier system) to basicly be available to teach others who are there. The place would allow for people from different styles a chance to see and learn styles they may not be familiar with or to just get a chance to practice against other fighters of varying skill levels.
Our main in house instructor is certified in 2 styles currectly plus I have several others who would be willing to offer time teaching... Yea sounds like most other schools so far but that is just it.. this would not be a normal school, training would happen based upon availablity of different instructors, and enrollment would be open to anyone who is serious about training. as for paying there are two ways to do so, a monetary donation ( weather in supplies or money for needed stuff) or in the donation of skills or labor, skills meaning being able to instruct, labor being helping out around the facility by cooking cleaning etc. yea I know this sounds odd. But this would be for regular martial artists as well as MMA poeple as well as both communities have people who are serious about training and learning new skills as well as wanting to help teach others.
Also if excess money is raised beyond what the school needs to function the money would be used to help out martial arts programs around the country where such programs are lacking or to bring deserving students who cannot affoard to travel to the facility a chance to come.

Basicly what I would like to know is how many people....
A) think this is a good idea
B) would take advantage of a traning facility like this
C) would like to help this idea come to pass

All comments are welcome as the idea is still in its early phase it is very fluid like water at the moment

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