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Randy covers some of the advantages/disadvantages in this MMA Weekly interview;

"MMAWeekly: One of the other rumors we heard was that you were possibly going to fight Tim Sylvia for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. Was that ever a possibility?

Randy Couture: Not in a real sense. I haven’t had any fight thrown at me in a real sense. There’s people that have suggested, “Why don’t you come out and fight Tim?” and people have been a little disappointed in his last two performances. I think his last two performances have been great. They’ve been a little bit on the conservative side, I think he’s fighting more not to lose instead of fighting to win. Because of that approach it hasn’t been as exciting as Tim has the capability of being.

I am walking around now at 230lbs, back to my heavyweight days, and can certainly go back and compete in that division, but Tim’s one of the reasons why I chose to go down to light-heavyweight. When guys are starting to be 6’5”-6’10”, cutting weight to make the [265lb] limit – that’s a big man…he’s a very good fighter, very skilled and when you start giving up that kind of weight, you are at a disadvantage and it can be a big problem. No one has seriously approached me with an opportunity to fight Tim Sylvia, so it’s all one in the same, rumors."
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