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Originally Posted by NyPhenom718 View Post
The shock doc I have is upper only so I'm good with it, and yeah I heard customs are in a different league as far as comfort and protection. I find with double boil n bites I salivate more which is annoying.

BTW if you found my post helpful please rep, I got negged for no reason on my previous post in this thread and I'm in the red, I don't wanna appear untrustworthy as far as advice giving as I would still like to help people out .
Being as you have only 25 posts its hard for people to form an opinion of you.. regardless of your Rep.. on this site for the most part it means crap since the "you Rep me i'll rep you back" thread was created it mean rep on this site is completely useless. If your posts are good and well constructed people will come to either trust you or not.. I honestly never look at the reps half the time I never look at who posted before I make a comment. If your post is worthy or something I want to comment on either in agreement or not I will post. many o the other long time users on this board have similar attitudes.

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