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Originally Posted by name goes here View Post
How do I stop my puppy from peeing and pooing indoors? I'm pretty sure now she knows she's supposed to do it in the garden now...
There are a few good methods, this is the one I use with the most effectiveness,

Understanding Dogs will need to go to relieve themselves at THREE very critical moments is the secret to success;

A dog will need to go:

1. After eating or drinking
2. After a nap
3. After play

So what I do is take the puppy and watch him very closely after these periods, example;

Once I feed the pup I will let him walk around the house as I follow him closely enough to be able to pick him up, once the puppy starts to circle around as they do just before they pee or poo once they Circle once I pick him up and tell him "NO" (very FIRM VOICE) and then I walk take him out side as I say, Potty OUTSIDE, the minute he does his things OUTSIDE you praise him real good, almost like a party praise make a BIG DEAL OF HIS SUCCESS--- I can have a puppy trained on three attempts.

Also remember a puppies bladder is NOT FULLY DEVELOPED until AFTER THE 4th Months, so an accident here and there will happen, BUT once he Chits outside you can count him potty trained even with the occasional accident.

Remember once you pick a method STICK WITH IT, do NOT CHANGE methods of training it only confuses the dog, select ONE method of training and STICK WITH IT, until success that will also include the basics.

I hope this helps out Sir.

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