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I have lost 20 pounds in 5 weeks and It is mainly diet man. I have not been religous on working out.

I dont have a strict diet Just follow a few simple rules and you will lose allot.

cut our cheese and soft drinks completely maybe one a week at the most.
Stay away from the fryer only go grilled or baked.
snack often and eat small meals. one of my favorit snacks is one either a slim fast or one slice of whole weat bread with simply jif on it.
drink 64 OZs of watter and always eat breakfast.

Check the label when ever you buy something get low fat low sugar and and low calories.

You dont have to give up eating out just make smart choices
Get the eat this not that book from men's health and it will solve your on the go meals. For instance chick fil-a grilled chicken sandwich or chicken nuggets are reasonable meals. So is subway sandwiches as long as you get the right ones. I eat an egg mcmuffin for breakfast most days when I am on the go.

For weight lows all body workouts every other day are probably the best with low weight and high reps like 10 to 20 a set. alo try to do a cardio workout 3-5 days a week. Swimming is the best thing you can do. I do the TRX all body express workout 3 days a week when I am doing good.

Sorry for spelling it is 2:30 and I am tired.

"The fat man flies at midnight"
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