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Cool Hmmm

Hmmm So far I have only seen the first season watched it every night right after RAW when it was on Spike. Then I moved in with my fiance and her 3 year old and while I still want to see the show, we only have one TV and we do not want to expose the little ones to unneccessary violence until they are a bit older and can understand that is is just a competition. All our kids, the 9 & 3 year old girls, and our new 9 week (or is it 10 now, man everything is blurred together now) will be exposed to Martial Arts, though it is up to them if they want to contimue with it after becomnig proficient inthe basics...

Umm back to the point of this post... If anyone could just give me a simplified run down of all I missed I would be grateful, trying to read the other posts got me more confused then made since since they are not all linear. thanks

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