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Originally Posted by Biowza View Post
I'm not trying to antagonise. I'll get specific if you want.

-The lines on your Nintendo one aren't even straight and looking at it I don't think I could tell that it was a controller (is it?)
-I can't tell what your skull-with-horns one is. The face is totally indistinguishable and the colouring is ambiguous.
-I don't really mind the "I love you" one
-I have problems with people getting Japanese symbols, but this one isn't even well done, you have to shade it or something or else it just looks like random boxes.
-The Samurai one is the worst. Whoever did it really needs to learn how to shade. It just looks like some giant black blotch.
Sorry I didn't post it in here, I posted it in the other thread.

- The NES controller was done by my girlfriend who is in no way a professional tattoo artist. I expected it to come out way worse than it did, and it's still not finished (needs colored)
- "Skull with horns" is a Jolly Roger (Pirate flag) The coloring is ambiguous because, like most of my tattoos, it isnt finished yet (will be in about a month I hope).
- the "iloveyou" tattoo was also done by my girlfriend, first one she's ever done (my NES controller being the second)
- The Japanese symbol is for samurai, and isnt finished yet either (going to be black with little highlights so it looks wet), and I got it because it matches the other two tattoos on my legs, not because I want to be trendy. It also has a lot to do wiht my philosophy on life and my approach to martial arts. I am respectful in fights and life, I train hard as a way of life and I think it's a beautiful art form. I have a plan of using my entire body as a piece of art.
- The samurai isn't supposed to be shaded at all.


Also, the samurai might look like ass because my camera is a piece of crap and I'm attempting to take a picture of the back of my calf. And it was just done in that picture.
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