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Originally Posted by putmeonhold
Just a few things. 1) Why does anyone keep watching WWE after the age of 6??? 2) Vince McMahon ( or however you spell it ) would just simply never allow one of his actors to get hurt in the UFC so why it's even being discussed as a possibility is beyond me, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN and every blogger here knows it. 3) WWE members are athelets no doubt about it, but they aren't fighters - they're actors. 4) I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that Kurt Angle's olympic wrestling career is part of the storyline - I remember an interview long ago where he had mentioned something along these lines ( on David Letterman I think ). Angle would be able to take 2 of Chucks punches before chillin' with the sandman for a few minutes on the canvass
Kurt was an olympic wrestler did win gold as far as I recall.. what ever else he knows I do not know.. as for this.. Wrestling is about trash talking.. it bring in ratings for both the UFC and the WWE to get interaction.. after all the WWE has host UFC fighters in the past. Ken Shamrock, Tank Abbot Dan Severon.. ANd I am sure they are setting up to do so again.

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