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Have a sinus infection but went to training anyway. Had a little medicine head.

warmup as usual stretching, jump rope, etc.
Then we worked kicks on the Thai pads as a wind exercise for a while.
Thai kick exercise:
1,2,3,4,5 on rt side then back down 5,4,3,2,1 for 3 sets (1 kick then 2 kicks then 3...)and same on left side.
Next: 5 Thai kicks on rt, 10 knees, 2 Thai kicks on rt then left same on left.
Light sparring: 16oz gloves
My training partner and I took turns feeding and defending. Working some combos and seeing where we had opening to improve on and looking for areas to create openings to attack.
Isaiah (training partner) says I have heavy hands in agreeance with 2 coaches, as I caught him with a high hook. He says my inside leg kicks are ridiculously powerful and unfortunitely for him, I have developed a habit of using "destruction blocks" against kicks and am working on them for strikes. I wrecked his leg today w/ a few blocks unintentionally it's just a reaction. Coach was like,"DAMN!" and kinda laughed. I got rattled a few times and took some shots to the lats.
Coach wants me to pick up more sparring time and work on this stuff as much as possible.

Also went trail running and worked on some HIIT and footwork speed by running up and down rock staircases for lack of a better term. Then did some endurance lifting at home.

Nutrition is going good now that I am supplementing. I just need to kick this sinus infection.
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