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Originally Posted by KryptoNITE^^ View Post
Do you think before you post?

- Calling Nate a retard (Fighter bashing)
- Sounding like a retard yourself (f#$($(@@()@##*#*#*@$**!&!_# look at me im a tuff guy i ca n sweer LOLOLOL!!!!111111)
- Post was almost sherdog worthy (Disgusting)

Nice try...but fail.
Ok im sorry let me fix the misunderstanding.

I love every mma fighter in the whole entire universe, I should love and respect all of them. They all should be my equal favorites. There isnt a reason to dislike any of them.

Dude im done arguing. DOnt get cranky if Nate happens to be your favorite fighter. NOt everyone is gonna like him and say nice things about him. My fav is gsp im sure theres alot of people who cant stand him.

Its ok little buddy life goes on............End of argument

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