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Brian Masters
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The way of the superior fighter program at

An in depth mental preparation and training program for fighters who want to get to the next level.

Revolutionary tools and essential exercises, for mastering the challenges of courage, confidence and fear.

Hello and Welcome to “ Speaks ” Part 1 - Making You Number 1 -
Written by Brian Masters, resident consultant at The Champion Trainer. Having produced Champions and gone from 2nd class, mediocre boxer to 1st class champion himself, the time has come for him to share his knowledge. He will guide you through simple, easy to use information on the area of your fighting that typically needs the most work…
Your mental conditioning, how to use nerves to your advantage, overcoming fear and much more.
Having tried every Diet, advanced tactics and weights program available, Brian Masters discovered what every superior fighter knows. THE KEY TO FIGHTING TO YOUR FULL POTENTIAL IS IN YOUR MIND. And until you start getting your head together you will always under – perform. If you want to be smashed around like a punch bag, don’t listen to anything this column will tell you.

There will be no theory from Doctors or Shrinks with fancy titles and letters after they're names.
Just pure gems of information, from successful experienced fighters, who are ready to share their wisdom with you.
Although have nothing against Doctors or Shrinks, and the right one can work wonders… believes that:

A champion fighter saying...
"Here's how I went from mediocre to Champion by using my mind. Based on experience, trial and error"
Someone, with no fighting experience, telling you...
"Here's how I think, you should think, based on some theory I learned in a lecture, from someone else who has also never fought"

Check out for your free ebook
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