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Review: Jiu Jitsu Bamboo Couture T Shirt

Not too long ago, I picked up a pair of the Jaco Fight Shorts and did a review on them. At the time, I also got one of the Bamboo Couture T Shirts. To be honest, I picked up the shirt because I saw the word “Couture” and assumed that Randy was affiliated this company and that this was his clothing line. It turns out that this is not Randy’s line of clothing, but the Bamboo line is pretty kick ass none the less.

So what’s the deal with this Bamboo clothing? That’s probably what you are asking yourself. I asked myself the same question. I figured out what the deal was when I got the shirt. It’s extremely soft. It feels almost like cashmere or velour. You notice it as soon as you touch or put the clothing on you. It’s soft as a babies bottom. Additionally, the shirt has a stretchy feel to it, almost as if there were some spandex in it. This is because when bamboo is turned into fabric, it has a natural stretch to it, which makes the shirt great to wear either casually or for working out/rolling.

As with most of the products that Jaco puts out, the Bamboo fabric also provides many technical advantages.

First off, the shirt is made from 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, which results in the fabric being 100% hypoallergenic. Also, because bamboo has natural moisture wicking properties it will move the mositure and sweat away from your body. This will result in prevention of the growth and spread of bacteria, which could cause of certain forms of ringworm, fungus or MRSA. The Jaco website also states that the bamboo fabric is anti-static, UV protective and will keep your body up to 3 degrees cooler than normal cotton.

Now, on to the fashion side of the product. The shirt itself that I purchased is sleek all black, as with most MMA style shirts. One the front, it has the small Jaco logo over the right shoulder. I also like shirts that have images in unconventional locations as opposed to in the center of the chest, or on the left breast pocket, so I thought this location was pretty cool.

The back of the shirt is even better. In an upside down triangular pattern, the shirt has the Japanese characters for “Jiu Jitsu” On the back of the neck area (or the base of the upside down triangle) the Jaco logo appears again. The shirt is all black as stated earlier, and the writing/images appear in all white. The shirt also comes in an all white with grey/silver lettering, and an all brown with the white lettering.

The shirt retails for $50 USD. To purchase this or other Jaco Clothing items, please visit

For more product reviews you can also visit my site at

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