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Am I physically fit for MMA?

Hey I was wondering what your thoughts were.. I'm 19 years old and I've been a fan of MMA since 2006 and have always enjoyed the competitiveness, skill and dedication that goes into it.

There's an MMA gym in my city that I wouldn't mind giving a chance but I don't even know where to start. I'm 330 pounds (I used to be almost 400). I'm 6'5 and for a big guy I'm pretty flexible. Though I'm worried if I'm physically capable right now to even try to do this. I'm not sure how my stamina will hold during circuits and work outs. I also don't know if I should be prepared with my own gloves and clothes. Are traditional MMA shorts a must for real training or can I wear regular Nike basket shorts instead of MMA shorts? Since they're kinda expensive.

I think MMA could be a real life changing experience for me, it would make me want to stay healthy and fit.

Should I go ahead and sign up? Or spend some more time at my regular gym and slim down some more so that my size doesn't hold me back? All I do right now is cardio and some small weights which works for me as far as weight loss goes but I feel like training at an MMA gym is all that wrapped into one + I get to learn.

Thoughts? How difficult would it be for a guy my sized to take up MMA right now. Would waiting a year or so when I'm down to 240 and more toned be better? I don't want to learn too late but I also don't wanna go to an MMA gym and not beable to complete a circuit and have to sit out.
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