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Originally Posted by Barrym View Post
I breed and supply various species of Snakes to the public and pet trade.We also dabble in some lizards and inverts but the vast majority of the business is snakes.
Thats pretty cool, my friend and roomate years ago had a burmese python and it grew to be about 7 feet ( it was free to slither around the house all the time) and as it grew it started needing bigger things to eat, you know it started with mice then it turned into rabbits, then it ran away lol and a month later the next door neighbors cat disappeared! im pretty sure I know why. It was n southern California so I dont think it had any problem surviving in the winter. Never saw it again. I am a painter and I mostly paint buildings in NYC, its a dirty hard job, but I messed around when I was young and didnt go to college. So I got what I deserved.
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