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Warmup w/ jumpropes

Jumped right into focus mits, worked a few combos w/ training partner and spent last half of class sparring.
Stayed after about 1 1/2 hrs to spar w/ Brandon Suber (6-1) who has a title shot coming up. Good overall workout. Sinuses still killing me and getting me flusterred.

Went in for open gym. It wasn't just me today a few others were there so we worked on kick pad drills for ranging. I got put w/ a new guy who is like 6'4" (why do I always get paired w/ the tall guys?) It was ok though, I worked with him on a few simple things like his thai kicks and maintaining balance etc.
Toward the end we worked on some Muay Thai mixed w/ Silat for a defense to takedown and attack w/ an arm break, knee to the staernum, and punch to the face at the same time.
Head coach also informed me that I am going to be Khali (stick fighting) in mid October.... I'm down for whatever, so guess I will hit up some of those 6am classes too so I can get refreshed.

Started antibiotics lastnight and starting to feel better today. Should be good to go Monday.
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