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Originally Posted by The Don
Its simple to know what the rules will be.. it is a UFC fight. Silva signed to fight in the UFC... See where I am going.. the rules will be.. UFC rules.. end debate...
So obviously Silva is aware the rules and is prepared to follow them..
Your are assuming that it is a simple matter of Silva leaving Pride and joining the UFC. That simply isnt the case.

Pride heavyweight Fujita is also scheduled to feature on the UFC November card, as is Pride's Phil Baroni. Pride are planning on staging their first show in the US around December time, in light of the fact that they have lost their domestic TV contract. This is a threat to the UFC's monopoly on MMA in the American market.

Silva fighting on the UFC card is effectively a pact between the UFC and Pride not to f*uck each other over, by poaching each others top fighters.

However, regardless of what the UFC and Pride decide on the matter, ultimately the relevant State Athletic Commission may not be prepared to sanction the more 'brutal' Pride rules - and so the only rules that can be used may be those of the UFC.

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