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Originally Posted by kixcanada
This is why I love him!!!
Any woman loves a man who does what he says.
Shamrock should be ashamed not only does he come up short as a coach,
But you'd think he would retire with a little grace considering his history.
Move over grandpa!!!!
My Tito will only excel further from here.
But Next time honey........ a minute flat okay?

please do me a favor and dissappear! can people please have a little respect for what these people go through to get where they've been and what they've given to you! I know for a fact that shamrock could destroy prolly any man you've dated or know to this day, he just fell short against tito..this doesnt make him a grandpa, just a person that may not be as good a fighter anymore.

and as for what they've given to you, take mike tyson for example....i know its another sport. most people call him trash or old and washed up...sound like shamrock and gracie comments? you didnt hear these comments when he was giving crazy amounts of joy and good times while he was knocking people out cold at 19yrs of age and breaking records.....whether you like it or not, they've given you great times and plenty of good conversations that made you have some respect and understand that they gave you this while asking nothing in can say money, but these guys didnt start training for these fights late in age...they were doing it as kids and i'm sure it wasnt for the money....they money was given to them becuase they are good at what they do, we all would take have some respect please!
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