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Originally Posted by Rush
. Oh my, I created an account there and then in the middle of the UFC and PRIDE section I made a thread saying "Come to, a way better forum then Sherdog". Then these were some of the replies some kid users on Sherdog gave me:

"Ban ban ban ban no one beats Sherdog"


"ummm whats the point theres like no one on that forum"

Lol. Just shows how childish users on Sherdog are haha. I hope some of the users from Sherdog actually join this forum!
As a forum goer in general: That is probably the stupidest, most assinine and immature thng that anyone on any forum can do. You want to recruit people, go ahead. Get into where ever you want, create an account, garner interest in your posts as a reqpectable forum goer and then ask people outside the forum if they're interested. DON'T SPAM THE OTHER FORUM. At that point you could literally be on fire, but no one is going to care enough to piss on you to put you out.

As a Mod: We don't like spam here, so why the hell are we going to ask anyone to spam somewhere else? It just doesn't make a lick of sense.

Thank you for your enthusiasm. I can appreciate it to a degree. But I'm going to tell you this for your own good. GROW UP. You're not going to garner yourself any respect personally or for this forum otherwise.

Now can someone close this POS thread?

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