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Originally Posted by osmium View Post
He is really really good as a wrestler gnp artist giant shaved gorilla smash machine. His standing striking is terrible the premise is Silva could avoid and counter strike jump in and out hitting him avoiding the takedown long enough to KO him. I think it is possible but I also think Machida would have a better shot with his striking style than Silva. Either way I think I would put the odds pretty low for this maybe 25% just because he probably only needs to get the takedown once. I am convinced this is the best skillset to beat lesnar though I don't believe in the theory that someone needs to be as big as him because he is going to have such a huge speed advantage over that person that it won't matter. Being a lot faster and a lot better at striking is the way to beat Lesnar at this point in his career.
The Anderson hype machine is wayyyy out of control now.

Anderson is too small to fight Brock, period. Brock would get him down, and he would absolutely annihilate Anderson there. If Mir couldn't stand back up, Anderson sure in the hell isn't, and he's going to get punished bad, as Brock is huge.

Silva has the advantage striking, but do you think Brock is going to strike with him? Brock would take Anderson down asap, and since he's so big and quite fast for his size, he wouldn't have much trouble.

Basically, Anderson's only chance at beating Brock is if he can tag Brock in the first 30 seconds, as it'll only take that long for someone of Brock's size to grab Silva and toss him around like a little kid.
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