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Originally Posted by Michael Carson View Post
The Anderson hype machine is wayyyy out of control now.

Anderson is too small to fight Brock, period. Brock would get him down, and he would absolutely annihilate Anderson there. If Mir couldn't stand back up, Anderson sure in the hell isn't, and he's going to get punished bad, as Brock is huge.

Silva has the advantage striking, but do you think Brock is going to strike with him? Brock would take Anderson down asap, and since he's so big and quite fast for his size, he wouldn't have much trouble.

Basically, Anderson's only chance at beating Brock is if he can tag Brock in the first 30 seconds, as it'll only take that long for someone of Brock's size to grab Silva and toss him around like a little kid.

anderson would have a better chance against lesner, than forrest had against anderson...i don't think this fight is absurd...silva might be able to take more punishment than mir did, and he probable wouldn't give up wrist control to brock like mir did, plus he has brutal elbows from the bottom, and i don't think brock likes getting hit at all.... mir was hurting him in the stand up imo, and i think spider could be more accurate and devastating than mir was standing...anderson would also indroduce him to head kicks.

if it was so unfair for spider to fight forrest, and he so easily took him apart, i don't think it would be that much unfair to spider to fight lesner, and i think he'd have as much chance as any other heavywieght would....if spider took apart a lightwieght champ as he did, what in the **** makes you think he has no chance against lesner? i don't get that. have you ever seen anything like what silva did to a guy that was a champion in a higher what class ever in your life?, he makes the impossible possible, so i don't think you can throw out this discussion like its unreal....silva is pin point, and has some nice reach expecially with his kicks, and he has a huge untested target in lesners big watermelon head to would be a fun imo

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