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Originally Posted by Michael Carson View Post
I don't understand?

I said the Anderson hype machine is far out of control now. I quoted you as you gave him a 25% chance to beat Brock, and said that Brock only needs 1 takedown to finish it, which I agree with.

I pretty much agreeded with you, then asked you if you thought Brock would even stand with Anderson, as since he won't, 25% is still even too much of a chance.
The way you worded it it made it look like you were saying what I stated was absurd and then mostly agreeing with me. The premise doesn't involve Brock willingly striking with Silva but Silva avoiding the shots and countering his aggression. Like I said probably one takedown it is over depending how late into the round it is. Anderson has a really great guard he could probably body triangle him use double underhooks so he can't extend his arms to get power and take hammerfists for a little while. But I really think that Silva's striking defense style is more to counter other strikers and Machida operates more on the elusive to wrestlers level.

Originally Posted by JoshKnows46 View Post
if that fight stayed standing, mir would have ko'd him without a doubt...don't think i was rooting for mir either, i root for brock in every one of his fights, i love how he smashes people...this is the one fight, i would root against him, so don't think i'm a brock hater or anything...i'd just love to see david beat the golith, and i think anderson has as much chance as the next guy.
Yeah the knee before the final takedown rocked him badly his eyes were wide and his face went pale and he just laid ontop of Mir for a while after that recovering. Mir isn't some great kickboxer and he made Brock look terrible striking standing up.
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