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Originally Posted by Breadfan View Post
Dana said already that Chuck will never be in the octagon again.
I think we are all aware of that.

And you actually believe that?

I can guarantee you Chuck will be back in the octagon again.

Chuck wants to keep on fighting, he's said it in many interviews. Dana's said he doesn't want Chuck to fight again, but then said he's not Chuck's daddy and really can't tell him what to do, which gave some question as to Chuck stepping back inside the cage again.

Trust me, it'll happen, Chuck just needed some time off, and they had to find a suitable opponent for Chuck, and after 101, Forrest is a perfect match up.

Dana and Chuck are friends, but when it all comes down to it, Chuck still has the fire inside to keep going, and Dana's job is to make the UFC a lot of money, they'll come to terms.

Not having Chuck back in the octagon for at least 1 more fight is millions lost for the UFC.
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