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does it count as a fight?

hi, i am a student at year 9 at my school in chelsea. for 2 days this guy has been bothering me, annoying me, and making fun of me. every day it was getting worse, so yesterday, while in history class, he looked at me and i looked at him, he started swearing at me and saying what i am looking at. so then he came over to myside, stood next to my chair, started slapping me and said to me what the f++k you gonna do. so i got up, he pushed me and i pushed him away as well. the students were coming, they were watching. so he just punched me three time, i didn't feel the punches, he got me on the eye. so i was about to punch him back, , but suddenly two people grabbed him and one guy came in the middle and pushed us away. so i didn't have any chance to punch him back, all this happened in about 3 seconds(the punches part). some people now say i got scared( i didn't), some say i got beaten up , some say i lost the fight, some say it wasn't a fight. was that a fight? did i loose? please repl

ps. the guy had been my friend since 7 months and i didn't know if he was gonna punch me or not. what do you think? am i a coward? does that count as a loss of fight? should i fight him? please tell me, thanks a lot. bye and give ur views on this matter.bye
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