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I'm back.

Ran into some loss of motivation, then a family emergency came up. Mostly just me being a bitch though. I've been resurrected back into training because another opportunity to fight came up for September 25th in Bellingham. Another amateur one. Hopefully I can get an opponent and everything works out this time.

Muay Thai/MMA

Skipping 15 minutes, 100 kicks on the bag. Rounds of light sparring. Took it light and did well. I'm feeling out of shape but that of could have to do with what I ate pre workout. NEVER, EVER, EAT CHILI BEFORE TRAINING. I did well in sparring mostly due to experience and size. I felt the chili/out of shapeness at work so I relaxed as much as I could and for the first time focused on head movement (thanks Anderson Silva for the reminder). Good stuff.


Warm up run, then a few different kinds lunges, crab walks, etc. Darwin was filling in for Kajan today. Just did a basic pass from half guard, as well as stand up for half guard. then practiced it. In rolling I was dominant. The BJJ still feels sharp, though I still felt tired and had to stay extra relaxed. I've been reading alot of Saulo's book and picking up a few things as I go.

Looking ahead, I've got 6-7 weeks to the fight. I'm taking this week too get myself back up to par. Going to lift and get through initial soreness of coming back. Then I step it up the week after, don't really know what's in store, one of the manager guy wants to arrange a program that will probably mean alot of trips to the pro gym. I might be losing my car license shortly so that could make things difficult. ****ers.

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