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There Is No Way We Will Ever See Ortiz vs. Shamrock Again

Dana White said it best when he said ( and I'm paraphrasing here ) " You have to understand that when the Referee gets in the ring, he's got 2 lives on his hands, even if I don't agree with a call I would never question the judgement of the referee's." I concurr %100 . However the customer is always right and when there are over 12000 people screaming " Bull S*** " after what looks like a bad call, then it was a bad call. Plain and simple. There is absolutly no way we will see Tito vs. Shamrock again. The era of legends vs. currents is dead. I hated the call, even though it was warrented only in its technicality and it was the final nail in the coffin for the pioneers. I believe Dana sees the writing on the wall and is eager to usher in the new era of UFC vs. Pride and other MMA associations. To sum it all up, my vote for that call is " Bull S***!"
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