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Yeah, Sherdog banned me also when I was getting flamed by a bunch of people in a thread for saying I didn't agree with Fedor choosing Strikeforce over UFC. Thing is, I do not believe I violated any rules because I didn't make fun of anyone or namecall. I basically brought up an unpopular argument on their board. Oh well... I have a life so I don't worry much about that.

Originally Posted by omgrunaway View Post
This may be the wrong forum, sorry.

But i seriously hate the sherdog mods. I got banned for calling someone a "moron" after he went on a rant about how brock lesnar was talentless and only had size to his advantage and thats it.

So I was banned. This was after this other guy had called tons of people "douchebag" "asshole" "dumbass" etc.

I mean wtf? They say they dont allow fighter bashing, but they openly allow people to bash lesnar. Im not a nuthugger, but I will defend brock against idiots who say shit like that.

So now Im IP banned. Normally on a forum I could care less, but I always check sherdog for updates on articles, etc. Now I cant.

I hate that ******* websites mods.
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