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haha randy.

realisticly man just fight him, dont be a b*tch.

if he punched you int he face 3 times and he coudlent even knock you down he cant be that tough. feed him a mean cross right to the nose and break his ****in nose.

be a warrior man if you fight him regardless if you lose i gauruntee he wont mess withy ou again because he knows if he does then hes gonna have to fight you and risk getting punched in the face. he sounds like a bully and bully's are cowards so just fight him. punch him before he even knwos you fighting him so youve got a head start.

And if you lose and soemone says "aha you lost or soemthing"

tell them to suck your **** becasue youll start wailing on them too.

thats how you get respect.
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