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Originally Posted by JawShattera
haha randy.

realisticly man just fight him, dont be a b*tch.

if he punched you int he face 3 times and he coudlent even knock you down he cant be that tough. feed him a mean cross right to the nose and break his ****in nose.

be a warrior man if you fight him regardless if you lose i gauruntee he wont mess withy ou again because he knows if he does then hes gonna have to fight you and risk getting punched in the face. he sounds like a bully and bully's are cowards so just fight him. punch him before he even knwos you fighting him so youve got a head start.

And if you lose and soemone says "aha you lost or soemthing"

tell them to suck your **** becasue youll start wailing on them too.

thats how you get respect.

if you win the fight do something really gruesome like open his mouth and spit down his throat or pee on him or do somethng..

nobody will ever touch you durin high school again...

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