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Originally Posted by hashashin View Post
HI everyone, this is my first post and im not sure if this post is in the right place.

Basically i am an aspiring mma fighter ive been attending my local fight gym 5 times a week for the last 6 weeks and i am looking to carrying on this rota. My gym is a specialist muay thai gym but they have an mma teacher who takes bjj/wrestling classes.
As of now i go muay thai 4 times a week and bjj/wrestling only once a week.
Ive recently understood the importance of ground technique in mma.

so my question is, should i be attending more bjj/wrestling classes than muay thai or keep at my 4:1 ratio.

thanks guys
You know traditional Muaythai has to be adjusted for MMA, your stance needs to be lowered for the shoot andits not easy to be throwing elbows and such from the outside like you see in traditional Muathai fights, so I would recommend to go 50-50 between the 2 classes, once you get the MT guy to the ground hes pretty much defenseless. If you noticed in K-1 they throw alot of combos you know straight right with left hook then right roundhouse for example but that really wont work in mma where they throw punches and kicks seperately as to avoid the clinch and TD.
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