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Does this promotion try to promote itself as legitimate?

Hosting cards like this will just cheapen MMA's creditibility. Imagine if they were any first time viewers of MMA in the audience! What do you think their impressions of the glorious sport would be. And then if they go to the event, see a fight like that, and receive a wrong impression of Mixed Martial Arts, what will they tell their friends? And then what will their friends tell their friends?

And one of the most terrible things about the fight, was not only that Spongebob was beaten up bad, but as you mentioned, the annoncer made fun of him?

I'll try and make a comparison here:

It's like an unpopular kid at school is not accepted into any groups of friends at school, until one finally accepted him. And then, the one that he is accepted into, constantly rips on him.

But I don't think the above comparison does any justice to how terrible this situation is.

Good article, by the way, nice read.

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