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Originally Posted by asskicker
I think its funny how everyone thinks Melvin deserves a shot. Yeah, hes exciting and fun to watch but hes beat no one and if he gets a shot before Joe Stevenson that would be bullshit. They both came into the UFC at the same time off the second reality show. Stevenson won the show and Melvin did not. They both also have one loss in the UFC each. Both were to Josh Neer at WW. So theres nothing that puts Gulliard in anyway ahead of Joe.
Way to just shut down the entire Melvin Guillard pud sucking community.

Guillard's UFC wins - Marcus Davis, Rick Davis, Gabe Ruediger
Joe Stevenson's - Luke Cummo, Yves Edwards, Dokonjonosuke Mishima

Yeah, I'd say Guillard deserves it more..

Hell even Lauzon would deserve a shot over Melvin..

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