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Originally Posted by CTFlyingKnee
The majority of MMA fans have no idea what its like to be in an actual fight. I personally know what it feels like to have elbows rained down on your face, and let me tell you its no party. I'd gladly take a loss if its going to save me from permanent damage, for the fans to chant BullSh completely rediculus. Its not a BS call as he was not defending himself, as i said before
however. you are not ken shamrock. you are not tito ortiz. as you mature as a fighter...pain is temporary. pride is forever. i think herb dean should have let a few more elbows fly before stepping in...ken got up right after tito got off of him...ken took more of a beating in the first 20 seconds of the first fight than he did the whole 1 minute and 8 seconds they fought 2 nights ago. herb dean got over-anxious. although that is just my opinion, i would not disagree with herb..he saw what he saw and did what he thought was right. I do not think there will be a ortiz shamrock again either...but it would be nice.

p.s. the fighters have the option for physical or verbal tapout at any time during the regulation time of the bout.

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