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Sure. Wear whatever is comfortable. I know the Sprawls are and give you plenty of flexibility and range of movement. I would wear my Tapout warmups and sometimes people would ome up and ask if I really trained in MMA trying to feel out if I was a poser and generally they were. Sometimes the older "juice head" guys would give looks because they are used to seeing the posers in the gym. I just ignore them because I can back my shit up... I have even worn my Sprawl shorts to the grocery store. I think people get the idea when I check out with 6 bags of chicken breast, 8 dozen eggs, 4 bunches of bannanas, and 15 gallons of water.

The only place I don't like to wear fight gear is a bar: (including shirts)
1. I have a thing about wearing shorts in a bar that is not on a sandy beach.
2. You are bound to get some asshole trying to make a name for himself and not that I woudn't stand my ground but then you gotta deal with police and so on...
*pubs aren't too bad but when I say bar I mean more biker-ish bar.
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