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Originally Posted by J.P. View Post
A very valid point however when a thread looks like it's causing nothing but trouble I lock it seeing as nothing intelligent has been posted while the thread in question has run its route.
Most of these threads are locked after 3-4 posts, giving no time for anything "intelligent" to ensue. And a thread will have "run its course" when there is no ability for it to continue.

I've also been neg repped for stating my opinion with a "why fight it" comment. A very mature an intelligent response to my query, to be sure.

If this feels like an attack, I assure you, it is not. But it's fascinating to watch a society pride itself on freedom, and then watch as it turns censorship on itself in every facet of discourse.

If freedom of speech included everything agreeable, then why would it be the very first amendment to the Constitution?

And yes, this is a private forum, owned by someone, but why the forced restriction on so pivotal a right? Obviously, child porn, or other illegal sentiments are not included in the freedom of discourse, but other than that, why the need to interfere? Is this forum not "intelligent" enough to proceed within its community without arbitrary decisions being made by others as to what constitutes "humor," "intelligent discussion," or when an idea has "run its course?"

This is a philosophical debate, and one I will assuredly "lose." It just fascinates me how fleeting and diluted the expression of ideas has become.
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