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BJJ. Was going to lift beforehand but I got tricked into a sales pitch from a vacuum salesman that wasted my morning. In BJJ the warmup was pretty tough, followed technique of escapes/passes in half guard. then we did a king of the mats type scenario starting in guard. I did second best. I could have did better but one guy started before I could get closed guard on him and he passed.

Looks like the BJJ tournament in mid september that my friend and I were eyeing up is cancelled. Fortunately our owner said he's looking to start running 4 tournaments a year. Unfortunately for me, the first is starting on the day of my fight.



Burpees (5x3 minute rounds, 1 min rest)
1 - 33
2 - 27
3 - 23
4 - 22
5 - 21
Total - 126

Beat my all time best by two. Almost puked afterwards. I'm content that I'm finally making more headway with these things. Going to chart my progress in a second here.

I talked to the weight's gym owner, I've got the okay to use the heavy bag room early in the morning before work. Will probably start thursday/friday and work on a rusted striking game.

Watching a bit of Saulo or Demian now and then BJJ this evening.
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