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I recomend to always pick one martial art and then after you have been in it for a year or two and have a solid base then expand. Bassically look around your area for a good solid base

if your 17 now and your school has a wrestling team I would suggest you try and join the wrestling team or practice with the wrestling team. Wrestling is crucial. If your 17 you might be able to get a good year or two in before you graduate.

I would also recomend you hit up a BJJ gym in your area on the off seasons of wrestling. You will be able to set up a good grappeling base while your in H.S. which would help you out greatly for the rest of your career.

If theres no BJJ schools or you cant get on the team then you should find a boxing gym in the area and just stick with it till you finish H.S. if you choose the boxing path I wouldnt train in anything else till you have that solid base for 2 years. Since your still in college I would work my MMA goals in with my college goals.

Go to college in an area that has a good MMA gym you can go to. Miami has ATT and Team Noguera if you go to NM then Greg Jackson Teachers there.

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