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(Tongue in cheek....kinda)

Okay looks like we have Carwin and Duffee in contention for the title!

This is the guy "KO cop" was to fight before being scratched from the card for Al-Turk???? Reeeeally?

And then "The Asleep One" went on to bad mouth Brock as bad for the sport for being so big that "true martial art skill" wasn't a factor in Brock's fights, this after Ko-cop put on a pre-spinach popeye performance in against Overreem's "Bluto"

Sorry, I turned Duffee's intrigue thread into somewhat of a KO-cop bashing thread but we haven't seen enough of Duffee to really talk about him yet.

This forum by now, ought to have 7 threads about whether Duffee is a true contender or whether the 1st round KO cop KO was a fluke in which dreamers and sometimes pre mature conclusion-jumpers like myself are joined by like minded people to to combat the legend apologist who claim KO-cop's staph infection and eye pokes cost him the fight, not Duffee's size and how if it had been Couture v. Duffee the outcome would have been different.

DUFFEE IS ALREADY A TITLE CONTENDER. He may lose that status if he shows a glass jaw in his first fight (for the record I find it more likely scientist will photograph a long-thought extinct dinosaur with my remains in it's stool in my land. And I will be the first to tell you from the hypothetcal grave that things would have been different if its teeth had beed duller, size had been smaller, and killer intstinct had been duller. The Duffeeasaururs changed the land scape of stalking and eating people. What happened to the good ole days when a predator had to sneak up on its prey?

So with Duffee in the title hunt, what's next for him after the UFC 102 first round KO? How long till he fights Carwin for the #1 contender spot? Before or after Duffee has his first UFC fight? Before or after Lesnar destroys Carwin ih their first bout? How much longer will KO-cop remain the MW version or Martin Kampmann of the HW?

How much longer do I have to willfully ignore the fact that a man is 260lbs of muscle when IDing Brock's next interesting title defenses. I can understand if folks request I hold off until at least his first win in the octagon. Don't agree whatsoever but no, I don't have a logical defense so I will keep a fake open mind until Duffee beats at least 2 more skilled HWs.

After all, at 5-0 this guy is plainly unproven (if you ignore 6'3" 260lbs of pute muscle)

A groan of tedium escapes me...
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