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Originally Posted by I.P.Freely
I really didn't like TUF4 that much. I think that the fighters were to grown up to make d!cks of themselves in the house, which is part of the entertainment, and weren't hungry enough to really go for it in the fights. In previous seasons the personalities of the coaches have been a big part of it, but in 4 the coaches weren't very active, and the only entertainment was Hughes being an ass and Laimon being lazy.

I think all of these were bigger problems than the weight division chosen.
I never had a problem with Laimon and I just disregarded what some of my buddies said about how much of a **** he is, but after watching the show I know what they mean.

I definitely agree that there could have been better fighters on there, I felt like maybe there was too much personality and not enough of the fighters really wanting to win. Lutter was the kind of fighter that I though should be on that show, but Jeremy Jackson? Scott Smith?

Nothing against those guys, but I'm sure there were guys with more of a history in the UFC. Where was Evan Tanner? Where was David Terrell? Those are the guys that should have been there. They deserve title shots.

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