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Originally Posted by _redruM_ View Post
Little inaccuracy there. Mirko was never supposed to fight Duffee. The match was originally Duffee vs Turk, before they substituted Mirko in Duffee's place.
Fair enough but the ducking that sticks out to me was a rematch with Allister. One was obviously called for, after the 80th or so knee to the appendix Cro-cop couldnt continue. If you saw the first fight then it leaves little to the imagination as to why all of the sudden we have the Cro-cop back in the UFC having left unfinished biz in Japan. That's a ducking in my opinion. It would be most people's opinion too if we were talking say...Lesnar, Junie Browning, Tito Ortiz etc...but its not, its Mirko Crocop.

A groan of tedium escapes me...
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