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Originally Posted by StaindCold
Im a high school wrestler so I am always worrying about my weight. Something I just remembered was that if I went to the gym, or worked out in the morning, that I ate better the rest of the day. It was like, "wow I just worked out, so I better not ruin it by eating crappy for the rest of the day." I have also read articles that you burn off a ton more fat by working out in the morning. If I would plan on going to the gym at night, the food I would consume during that day would not be healthy because I figured Id run it off at the gym. This works for me so I figured I would share it.
I try to think of food as not what your burning off... but what you need to feed your muscles DAILY. If your not eating at least 1g per pound of body weight for protien(and 3-1 or 2-1 if your bulking for crabs) then you are simply letting your body burn as much muscle as fat. I really started improving in all areas of my mma when I TRULY changed my thinking from what "Bad calories I eat and need to burn off" to what I NEED to eat to keep improving.
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