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Quick class, missed the warm up. Technique was locking people into a different form of side control. Hips literally on top of their hips, bottom knee against their side, other leg propped up on the foot towards their head. Both arms in their armpits. Felt like a pretty sturdy control. When they finally dig their elbow in to make space, trap that hand against them, roll over it with torso, switching legs, your hips on their shoulders, your hands on the opposite hips. All they really have here is a bridge and hip, but with an arm trapped it's a pretty good chance of stealing mount.

For back control from turtle, hip on theirs, seatbelt grip making sure to get the shoulder that's away from you. foot or knee in, roll them towards you, second hook. Another counter we learned is if they trap your arm at the elbow and roll you, you keep the grip, walk around with your legs, scissor up, drag them to a seated position, then left at the trapped shoulder for your first hook, then second hook.

Nice techniques today.

Drilled side control and back from the turtle. Did really well.

Rolled a few rounds. Did well. I made up a rather obvious move. I was in mount and was working for an americana but couldn't trap the arm with my arms, so I move up my knee over their bicep, pinning it with my shin, clamped down their wrist and slide the other hand in. Just gotta watch they don't roll you over. Good class. Joints are still sore but I've been trying to roll lightly and they're feeling better by the day.
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