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Originally Posted by Freelancer View Post
Tell me how do you grip their gi while we are at it?
Depends on what the guy's afraid of, really.

Generally, I start with my left hand (weak hand) on the my opponents right tricept, gripping the sleeve. My right hand on the collar (not across the neck, but I'll get to that in a second), deep so that I'm trying to grab the back tag.

From this position, I can slip the right hand onto the other side of the neck and threaten the choke (which always gets them to posture up). I can slip the left hand in across the collar, then (without giving up the right hand grip) force the head down with my right forearm, swing it around the head and secure the choke.

I can also release the right hand grip and transition to a 2-on-1 to attack the armbar, because of the grip on the tricept.

If I have an opponent who I've been armbarring a lot, or if I know a guy (in competition) has seen me use the armbar a couple of times already, I go straight to the 2-on-1 grip to freak him out. This usually gets opponents to posture up withe the elbows in (relieving the pressure on the chest), and from here I attack the hip sweep or just situp and pull them down or attack the collar choke. All are viable options.

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