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Don't know what happened on monday. I somehow overslept and felt ******* DRAINED all day. I did an abbreviated burpee day and the first class of jiu jitsu and felt waaaay out of shape.

Today felt better, though when I went in this morning to do an Ab circuit I noticed that the side of my lower back really hurt on the exercises. So I just planked 2:10 X 3.

Muay Thai/MMA

Worked footwork, basic movements, then paired up and practiced reacting to your partners movements. Then a few quick counters when they're following you. In MMA warmed up with a few guard passes, then technique was all half guard, how to take back from half guard, and a few passes to side control. Learned a couple, or at least better learned a couple, so I should be seeing more of those. Drilled rounds starting in half guard, then rolled straight up. Did alright.
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