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Mustard Cuttah
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Shoot for the bloody breeze!

Most dumb street fighters won't even think about you tackling them first off. I'm was brought up in a pretty tough neighbourhood, but thy were all dumb wannabe gangsters who think they're 50 cent.

As long as 20 of their mates aren't standing around waiting to get a piece, ground him with a double leg takedown or some sort of hip toss, and pound the dickhead.

A few weeks ago two Afghani guys were pushing me around, I smiled and laughed and gave the bigger one of them a head and arm toss. Bam! prick is on the ground, I'm standing over him. And you dont even need to punch him, or use much energy because he's on the ground and his friend just pissed his pants and ran away.

And also you wouldn't have to resort to barraging their asses. Still keeping defence and art principals, making yourself look humble, and embarassing the hell out of two dumb idiots.

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