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Warm up run, tumbling, hip escapes. Technique was triangle form guard. Basic triangle theory, then a Demian Maia move for when they posture out on the hip bump sweep...grab their head, turn chest to ground, pull out leg and swing into triangle. Looks like Kajan and I watch some of the same DVDs. Then we did a basic triangle escape, grip hands under butt, stand up, posture, peel their leg off and swing into side control or turtle.

In rolling I was dominant. First roll was alot of my mount. Finished a kimura from there. Second roll was mostly me in side control. Third roll was with one of our fighters starting from a stand. It was a bit of a stalemate at first, I never shoot because I'm just awful at it, so it was alot him shooting and me sprawling on him, him clinching and me shrugging it off. Finally he shot and took me down but I fluked out and kept the momentum going and flipped him over me and into mount. Grapevined and started working for arms. Eventually got his back and choked. Good class. SO SORE in the joints. Still alot of muscle soreness form the lifting. One more day.
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