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100% myth that low weight high reps increases speed. Increasing your hip flexors and you leg power will increase hitting speed and power. That means doing TRUE squats(get two 5 pound plates and put them underneath your heels it will help alot for control) and just use the bar at first and get your ASS BELOW YOUR KNEES. I dont care if you think you can squat 500 pounds if you are not doing true squats your hip flexors are not getting worked. This also pertains to any other quad movement(hip sleds, presses). What my trainer has me do is explode out of the hole aka at the lowest point explode back out and control down.(not crazy controlled)

>> My best advice is get a good trainer if only for a few workouts , I thought I was lifting until I got hooked up with my trainer and every quad workout I am damn near in tears(proper intensity is impossible w/ partnear or trainer).

A good example of my personall hardest workout was around 10 minutes long.
Warmup stretch>>>
Maximum leg press> drop set(remove a 45 each side) > drop set> drop set
Maximum hack squats > drop > drop > drop
Maximum leg extensions(machine) drop drop
Maximum smith squats > drop >drop

10 seconds inbetween sets. This is after four months of intensive training but this is in a dropset week>> other weeks will be super heavy 6-10 reps and once every 3 months or so we do Hungarian( 10 sets for each mass builder aka 10x10 bench press 10x10 squats etc.)

Lallala essentially train smart train heavy and your kicks will go up like crazy(and stretch more then me... because I need to more.)

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