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Muay Thai

15 mins skipping, 3 rounds shadowboxing. Combos with partners.


Did rounds ground and pounding heavybag, then rounds of ground and pounding drills with a partner holding a medicine ball. Then a few simple GNP techniques. Welcome to ground and pound month. Rolled with striking. I did well.

Once again I found myself super drained and tired. The correlation is definitely on days I sleep in. Ideally I want 8-9 hours of sleep a night, but on days that I work I usually get 5-6. This means by the time I have days off I just pass out for like 12 hours. I'd be fine with this system if I didn't feel like it was my first day at an MMA gym on every day I oversleep.

Tomorrow I'm getting up early to hit the bag, and then I'll probably do burpees that evening. My right ankle still hurts at random times but isn't life threatening. Kajan wants me at the pro gym on Saturday for MMA sparring.
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