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Originally Posted by swpthleg View Post
I'm probably not telling you anything you don't know, but put heat on it before you work out, and ice after.

Plus I'm sure you wear ankle supports anyway so everybody know's you're a menace on your feet.

Are you given combos for shadowboxing, or do you just wing it? My teacher gives us combos and we shadowbox up and down the floor.

Also if I shadowbox in my 16oz gloves rather than the 12oz ones I usually use, will that help condition my arms and shoulders further over time?
We typically just wing it and our trainer walks around and reccomends things to follow up with or corrects our form. I'm not sure about the gloves thing. I don't shadowbox with any gloves. I've heard of people boxing with dumbbells too, but at the same time people condemning it. To each his own I suppose.
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