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Originally Posted by SparkyTHS View Post
I am going to start going to MMA classes soon. I'm nervous but scared at the same time. Some guy I talked to said that everyone there is bigger than me. I am 17 years old, 5'7" and 130 pounds. I'm tiny haha, but I can hold my own. I grapple and box with my friends sometimes and they are all 145+ pounds and taller than me and I sometimes win and sometimes come close to winning. I'm just afraid that it will be innefective because I won't have anyone my size to partner up with and stuff. Ugh... I hate being small lol...
So you'll fight people bigger than you.

I'm about the same size you are, and I have been the smallest guy in most martial arts classes I've trained in. So what?

You get stronger. You get faster. You get better. You have to. You're game has to evolve faster, because you're pushed harder as a result of the size disadvantage.

That's fine.

Push through it. It'll make you tougher and it'll make you better.

Don't sweat rolling with bigger people and getting your ass kicked (and you will get your ass kicked, everybody does when they start out). If there are people your size, great.

Personally, I look for bigger guys when I'm training, and I look for guys who are better than me. And I train with those guys because I know I learn more getting beat badly and seeing what I need to work on, and forcing myself to push through the pain and the weight discrepancy.

Trust me, being the little guy is great.

Being the biggest guy sucks, because you show up every day and you can coast on your strength, and then, at the match, you've gotta fight someone your own size (unless your Hong Man Choi, but that's another issue). Those guys can do great things, but (in my opinion) it's harder to progress your game as a big guy than as a little guy, because it's a necessity when you're small.

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