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Originally Posted by lazyfighter View Post
yeah i agree....weight training can give you a good edge and helps you against people who are naturaly strong. But i think technique is deffinately better than strength but if you can get both then perfect.

I have noticed though that a lot of people who can lift really heavy weights in the gym dont feel as strong on the mats as you would think. Is there a reason for this?
I don't know if this relates at all, but there was a study about baseball players who use "donuts" to weight their bats down while on deck. They claim that the added weight makes them swing the bat faster once the donut is removed. The scientifical evidence showed that the added weight conditioned their muscles to swing that weight, and when swinging something lighter bat speed and contact power were greatly REDUCED. The muscles utilize the weight of the bat to gain momentum for power and speed. Take the weight away and the power/speed drops. I hope you guys understand that because I half confused myself writing it!

As I said, I have no idea if that relates at all, but it's a pretty logical thought.


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